About Iceberg Insights

Iceberg Insights aims to help the globally financially excluded by building a bridge between those most vulnerable and local financial institutions using proprietary psychological assessments powered by the latest ArtificiaI Intelligence technology.
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is the scientific study of the human mind. It seeks to describe, explain, predict, and control human behaviour, along with its causes and consequences. At Iceberg Insights we have a unique understanding of the behavioural traits that make up a borrower’s character and are able to distinguish between those that are desirable and undesirable.


seeks to apply advanced statistical and mathematical methodology to the measurement of psychological phenomena with a view to predicting behaviour. We have created sophisticated and bespoke assessments in order to uncover systematic patterns in the thinking and behaviours of borrowers.

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Artificial Neural Network

identifies correlations and trends between characteristics of a potential borrower and how they are likely to behave as debtors. Our proprietary solution will consistently improve at predicting borrower behaviour, translating to higher acceptance rates, lower defaults and high definition loan pricing capabilities amongst other benefits.

Financial Inclusion

1.7 billion of us are financially excluded of which 50% live in just 7 countries.


1 in every 3 adults live outside the financial system and consequently are deprived of secure shelter, sanitation, food, water and education


Women are disproportionately affected and make up 56% of this disadvantaged group.

Financially excluded suffer from a lack of sufficient data

The data link between lenders and the financially excluded is broken.

The Iceberg Insights team is brought together by a burning desire to be a force for sustainable, impactful and long lasting social change.

Baroness Sandip Verma


Renowned international development champion

Sandeep Chadha

Executive Chairman

Social impact focused serial entrepreneur

Saify Akhtar

Chief Executive Officer

Visionary and founder


Amanda Sabri

Chief Operating Officer

Voice of the excluded

Chris Knight

Chief Technology Officer

UK's leading AI expert

Prof. Konstantinos Petrides

Chief Science Officer

Global psychometrics authority

Alpesh Patel

Senior Advisor

Leading UK Govt. dealmaker, barrister, business commentator and fund manager


Two time winners of the UK Great Entrepreneur Games

2017 Singapore

2019 London


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